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Introduction to Mega Pro 3 - The ultimate solution for secure and convenient data storage

Key Features of Mega Pro 3

  • Storage: Up to 16 TB of capacity for all your important files.

  • Transfers: Easily transfer up to 16 TB of data.

  • Secure Sharing: Protect your files with password-protected links and expiration dates.

  • Data Protection: Zero-knowledge encryption ensures the security of your data against online attacks.

  • Version Control: Access up to 100 previous versions of files for peace of mind.

  • Reversion: View and download older copies of deleted folders.

  • Automatic Backups: Your data is securely backed up to avoid accidental loss.

  • Collaboration: Communicate, share screens, and host virtual meetings securely.

  • Trash Management: Customize scheduled file deletions for organized storage.

  • Privacy and Protection: Your data never leaves your device unless encrypted.

  • Easy Access: Access and manage your files from anywhere with our user-friendly applications.

Experience the peace of mind that comes with secure, reliable, and convenient data storage. Choose Pro 3 today!


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